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Stakeholder Engagement


Taiwan Biomaterial Company Limited provides open and two-way communication channels to ensure that stakeholders can receive appropriate responses for all communication issues. The stakeholders identified by our company includes five categories: the government and competent authorities, shareholders and investors, employees, customers, and suppliers. The communication issues and channels that each stakeholder cares about are as follows:


Communication Issue

Communication Channel

Business Performance,  Integrity and Anti-Corruption,   Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance

Shareholders Meeting, Investor Conference, Financial Quarterly/Annual Report, Company Website/Market Observation Post System website,  Investor mailbox

Investors (Shareholders)




Government Agencies

Salary and Benefits, Labor Relations, Occupational Safety and Health, Promotion and Development

Business Performance,  Integrity and Anti-Corruption,   Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance

Product Quality and Service, Product Delivery, Integrity and Anti-corruption

Regulatory Compliance, Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Issues, Labor Relations, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility

Labor-management meeting, Supervisor Consultation, Employee Social Activities Complaint Channel

Marketing business, Quality Assurance Department Window, Customer Audit, Company Website 

Purchasing/Quality Assurance Window, Supplier Audit, Company Official Website

Participate in public hearings and lectures of government agencies, Exchange official documents, Cooperate with competent authorities for supervision and inspection


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