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  Incentive System

  • Year-end Bonus: Year-end bonus is issued according to the company's annual operating results

  • Performance Bonus: Pay performance bonus according to the employee's personal annual performance

  • Annual Salary Adjustment: Adjust the employee's personal salary according to the price index, industry salary adjustment rate and performance performance

Employee Benefits

  1. Insurance Benefits: Group Insurance, Labor Insurance, Health Insurance, Labor Pension

  2. Transportation Benefits: indoor parking spaces for cars and motorcycles

  3. Vacation Benefits: Flexible working hours, two days off per week, male employees' paternity leave, parental leave, and menstrual leave

  4. Subsidy Benefits: Free lunch, external training for employees, regular health checkup for employees, irregular domestic travel

  5. Bonus Benefits: Overtime pay, Dragon Boat Festival & Mid-Autumn Festival & year-end dinner or gift distribution

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